Under the stars

Not for a moment did I think that I would be doing what I am doing now. A simple, every night childhood routine has turned the tables and has now become my heart and soul.

Gazing at the night sky always fascinated me. After a hard day’s work, sitting in the backyard, relaxing and taking a few minutes in the night to just enjoy each other’s company was a routine that made all of our days better.

For me, as a child, those few minutes were magic. I wasn’t worried about what people said about me, what I was thinking, what my mother had said, any punishments or chores I needed to do – nothing mattered but the stars.

The night sky seemed like a whole other world. A world that is so captivating and engrossing, you never know the depths that you can go to. It is a magical world out there. The more you gaze at the sky and the stars, the more mystical it seems to become. It made me realize how small my problems were. It made me see that despite living in a city, there was a time and place where everything went according to a preexisting plan and wasn’t governed by the chaos of daily life. It was a world of endless possibility.

Being a curious kid, I wanted to know every single detail. I was always in awe of the sky and the stars. I learned a lot along my growing years, lapping up all the information that I could. And there is nothing more beautiful and wonderful as the sky and the billions and billions of stars, sparkling and twinkling away!

My curiosity never faded. Rather day by day, or should I say night by night, it increased just as the expanding universe. I got a degree in astrophysics and continued studying to fuel this passion and affinity to the stars. Learning about the stars has given me a deeper understanding and a clearer picture of what lies above us.

Gazing at the stars and the meteor showers in the vast night sky still holds an insatiable curiosity. Deep down there, one is still a child! The magic of the cosmos is truly enchanting. The never ending space is mysterious and amazing at the same time. You have to experience it to understand the real beauty of stars, the night sky, and the eternal space.

The best part of having access to the sky above via cutting-edge technology is that it has only created a new hunger for me to explore the universe from where I am. And as always, space remains a place of secrets just waiting to be discovered.