Passionate about outdoor living and the appreciation of the night sky.

Star Hawks Blog

I am on a mission; a mission to unravel the mystery of the night sky and share it with one and all.

Australia is a dream land for any photographer because of the sheer variety of natural wonders here; beaches, sand dunes, wildlife and birdlife – everything is in abundance here.

If you have ever observed the night sky you will understand my passion to photograph it and share it with each and every one of you. The setting full moon, the Milky Way and the thousands of stars twinkling brightly across the night sky is an exhilarating sight that one should never miss.

My mission is to make you fall in love with the night sky. Hopefully it will adorn your walls and remind you to take time off and relish the cosmic movie that unfolds each night in the sky. I have found some incredible spots in my home town of Brisbane in Australia and I would love to share my experiences.

I love to be out in the open and the challenges that come in creating stunning visuals and images that leave a lasting impression.  My collection includes, twilight landscapes, the night sky itself, star trails, the moon in all its phase. I also have time-lapse videos and breathtaking panoramic landscapes.

As a photographer, the pollution in the environment doesn’t escape my lens and it is deeply saddening that there is much to do to protect nature. I hope my photographs will add to the growing public awareness and keeps them motivated in protecting nature from the onslaught of modernization and maintain its pristine beauty.