Outdoor living

There has been a major inclination towards outdoor living experiences in the recent past. More people are demanding an outdoor space in independent communities. Research shows that excessive urbanisation has led to this inclination towards Nature and natural spaces. There is nothing like experiencing the amenities of a home with the bounty of Nature in the midst of it.


Listed below are 4 more reasons why outdoor living is the trendiest topic today:

  • Memory function

It is said that staying in touch with Nature helps improve your memory functioning. You not only feel more relaxed but also feel more stimulated. This in turn enhances engagement and slows down dementia to some extent.

  • Social interaction

An outdoor living space helps you to go back to your roots by indulging in creative activities. Social interaction is also enhanced since more people gather to have real conversations instead of virtual communication.

People who have experienced outdoor living have reported significant difference in blood pressure, sleep quality and stability.

  • Better sleep

Natural sunlight is known to regulate sleep cycles and help contribute to a regular schedule. Late nights and long hours of work can lead to insomnia. Experiencing outdoor living can significantly alter the effects of modernization that most of us are suffering from.