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On Not Lighting a Solstice Bonfire

So tonight I embrace the cold. Call it in—cold is what we need, to cool the overheated earth, to bring back the rains. I offer up the fire, to the snowy plover, to all the endangered species, to everything and everyone whose simple birthrights are stolen. Let this be the Solstice magic. Tides turn. Miracles happen. Out of darkness, light is born.
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Winter Solstice 2012

So let this Solstice be a time when we all put our intention toward the change, and draw forth the strength, the courage and the determination to bring that new world into being.
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A Pagan Response to the Affordable Care Act

Jason Pitzi-Waters, of the Pagan Newswire Collective, asked a few of us to respond to the Supreme Court's decision that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. Here's mine:...Universal access to health care is consonant with our core Pagan values of interconnection and interdependence. The Affordable Care Act is a small step toward that end, flawed but better than no change at all.
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Venus Transit and Recall Elections

So if you’re with me, let’s work on shifting the energy around all this. Why should we quietly lie down and suffer under the toxic thought-blanket the political fabricators are laying over us? What would happen if a whole lot of us used our intention and focused imaginations to shift the energies? And why not use some of the energy of this Venus transit—energies which will continue to flood in over the next weeks.
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Freedom Plaza–The First Day

With so many people new to consensus process, the meetings are sometimes ponderous—and yet there's an archetypal quality to it all, people sitting under a tree debating and discussing and coming to decisions together in a process designed to assure that everyone has a voice. I think we crave that experience, somewhere deep in the soul. It is exactly what democracy looks like, and right now it seems that all over the world people are hearing the call.
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Why I’m Going to Freedom Plaza

Yet, here I am. Do I really need to do this? Well, yes. Why? Because in the end, it always comes down to the streets. When the greed, the hypocrisy, the assaults on our freedoms, our pockets, our future and our common sense go so far beyond the level of toleration, there’s no substitute for the outrage of the streets.
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Lammas Blessings and Gratitude

Lammas morning—I woke up and saw that during the night we’d reached our first funding point on our Kickstarter campaign for The Fifth Sacred Thing ritual.
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A Tale of Two Movies

So—would you be willing to help us in this way? Go to our Kickstarter page and become an active backer, for even as little as dollar? As I write, we have almost 800—we’d love to get over 1000. If everyone on this list gave even the price of a cup of coffee—hopefully organic, shade-grown and fair-traded, of course—we’d be in the top echelon of Kickstarter projects as far as numbers of active backers.
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Summer Solstice: Dreams, Manifestation, Movies

We believe the world needs a powerful vision of a positive future here on earth. Once we might simply have told the tale around the fire. Two decades ago, I wrote it as a novel. Now, as the world becomes every more visual, we want to make it a film.
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A Maypole in Prison

“When Pagans get their rights, everyone gets their rights,” say Patrick McCollum, who for the last fifteen years has volunteered to serve as a Pagan chaplain in the California prisons.  McCollum, a talented jewelry designer and craftsman by nature, has in the last decade spent the bulk of his time—and money—helping prisoners and making interfaith […]
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