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On the Murders in Norway: The Need for a Multicultural Vision

“Western culture” itself is multicultural. Breivik blew up his buildings with explosives invented in China. He counted his dead in Arabic numerals. The media is full of strident voices telling us greed and prejudice and self-righteous, self-justifying bile are not only okay, they’re patriotic! Breivik’s horrific murders were a clear message about where that thinking leads—to the death of innocents. We need strong voices now to raise up a powerful countercry, to say that all of us have value, that we’re here on earth to take care of one another, to proclaim that every difference of background and culture and perspective is a gift. We need a vision of how we might live in such a world—for if we can’t imagine it, how can we create it?
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A Tale of Two Movies

So—would you be willing to help us in this way? Go to our Kickstarter page and become an active backer, for even as little as dollar? As I write, we have almost 800—we’d love to get over 1000. If everyone on this list gave even the price of a cup of coffee—hopefully organic, shade-grown and fair-traded, of course—we’d be in the top echelon of Kickstarter projects as far as numbers of active backers.
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