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Summer Solstice: Dreams, Manifestation, Movies

We believe the world needs a powerful vision of a positive future here on earth. Once we might simply have told the tale around the fire. Two decades ago, I wrote it as a novel. Now, as the world becomes every more visual, we want to make it a film.
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The Free Gaza Flotilla

By calling for justice, by shining a light on the continued abuses in Gaza, the Free Gaza Flotilla is acting prophetically. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. There’s no greater discomfort for people who see themselves as good than to face the pain and abuse their own actions have caused. It hurts, it stings—our natural reaction is to yell and scream and silence the accusers. But if we do, we lose all chance of truly deepening our humanity and living in accord with our integrity.
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On Turning Sixty

I woke up this morning and somehow in the night I’d turned sixty! I guess if you escape dying on the barricades, car accidents and fatal diseases, it happens...But mostly I woke up feeling happy. In sixty years, I have actually learned a thing or two and one of them has to do with happiness—that it’s a process, not a destination.
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Beginning to Make The Fifth Sacred Thing Movie

We’re just about to take that big leap, from the The Fifth Sacred Thing movie project being my Secret Dream to becoming a Big, Public Dream. Really scary—on so many levels. But as we say, “Where there’s fear, there’s power.” And it’s so, so exciting!
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