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A Forest Garden

A well designed forest garden produces its own fertility, more or less takes care of itself, and looks like a lush and healthy woodland—but just about everything in it is edible, medicinal, or actively contributing to the health of the whole.
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Land Matters

Land Matters is a land cooperative in beautiful Devon, where we are holding our Earth Activist Training.
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The Isle of Apples

Keyawis chose to let go rather than to live on life-support, with no hope for recovery or quality of life. She faced death with the same grace and courage with which she lived,
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Last Wild Witch–My New Book is Out!

My new book is out today! It’s a picture book for kids, with wonderful illustrations by Lindy Kehoe, published by Mother Tongue Ink, the wonderful women who put out the beautiful WeMoon Calendar each year.
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Pagan Values

I wonder what an ecological movement might look like that truly embraced Pagan values--that pleasure is good, the body is sacred, life should be full of beauty and delight, that all of life is alive and speaking and communicating and inviting us to join in the song?
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