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Permaculture Solutions for Climate Change

The solution to both our social and ecological solutions is the same: community. Restore the community of caring and sharing, understand that community means the interconnection of people with the environment and natural communities that sustain us, restore power and resources to communities, and trust in the resilience of the community of life. We have already altered the world, and it will never be the same again. But if we take action to stop the damage and employ the solutions, if we partner with nature and our great earth-healing allies, it can still be a beautiful, thriving, life-sustaining place for ourselves, for the life around us, and for future generations.
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On Not Lighting a Solstice Bonfire

So tonight I embrace the cold. Call it in—cold is what we need, to cool the overheated earth, to bring back the rains. I offer up the fire, to the snowy plover, to all the endangered species, to everything and everyone whose simple birthrights are stolen. Let this be the Solstice magic. Tides turn. Miracles happen. Out of darkness, light is born.
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My State of the Union

During Obama’s State of the Union message, I was scheduled to give a talk at Northern Arizona University on “Women Taking Action: Using the Insights of the Feminist Movement.” As part of it, I decided to write the State of the Union as if Obama were suddenly possessed by the spirit of the nurturing, caring, […]
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Now That The Election is Over…

Organizing after an Obama victory is like bicycling with the wind at your back, instead of peddling into a stiff head wind. I’ve lived and organized through the victories of Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush, and believe me, this is better! And we have a lot of organizing to do.
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My Day–The Short List

Something is happening. Occupations are springing up all over the place. One of the young women organizers told me she’d passed on my consensus download to someone about to start Occupy Mississippi! There are union folks here from Wisconsin, displaced stockbrokers from New York, laid off policy wonks from here in DC, affable former corporate managers from Texas, ex-cons from the ‘hood here in DC, a lot of homeless people, and students who’ve woken up to the fact that they are debt-slaves. What will happen if ordinary folks all over the country get addicted to having a say in the decisions that affect their lives?
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Why I’m Going to Freedom Plaza

Yet, here I am. Do I really need to do this? Well, yes. Why? Because in the end, it always comes down to the streets. When the greed, the hypocrisy, the assaults on our freedoms, our pockets, our future and our common sense go so far beyond the level of toleration, there’s no substitute for the outrage of the streets.
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Our Global Work Day Actions for 10-10-10

10 AM on 10-10-10—an auspicious moment, if you like the number 10! I am at the Alice Griffith Garden in the Doublerock public housing development in Bayview Hunters Point—a neighborhood of San Francisco sometimes known as a ‘food desert’. It’s easy to buy a bottle of liquor or a fistful of oblivion here—really hard to get a good, fresh vegetable.
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Rain and Cold

Today my friends are in Copenhagen protesting at the Climate Change Forum. I’m in Cazadero, doing my bit for climate change by trying to get my microhydro system working now that the rains have come.
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November 30 in San Francisco

I like to drum for actions. As long as I’m drumming, I believe I’m absolved from screaming and chanting...
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November 30–10 Years Since Seattle: Climate Change Action

Every freedom we cherish, every great change, every liberation of a slave or shift in conciousness or small increase in justice was won in just this way—in the streets by people who mostly felt at the time that they were losing.
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