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Blogs will now be posted on my updated website

It seems fitting somehow, that the final and 100th post on this blog will be posted on Samhain. As you may know I am in the  process of having my website updated. The old site was huge and sprawling. The new one will be easier to navigate and easier for me to manage. Please go […]
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Why Vote?

it’s a magical law that you don’t gain more power by disdaining the power you have. If we want to call in the great powers of creation, compassion and justice to transform our world, we must use whatever avenues are open to us, even if they seem weaker than we’d like. The trickle carves a path for the stream to flow, and the stream makes the way for the river. So do a walking meditation, and walk on down to the voting booth. Make filling out your ballot an act of prayer, if you like. Take that hour, or day out of your busy life and make your small voice heard as an act of magical, political will that can open the gates to a world where we all have bigger voices.
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Permaculture Solutions for Climate Change

The solution to both our social and ecological solutions is the same: community. Restore the community of caring and sharing, understand that community means the interconnection of people with the environment and natural communities that sustain us, restore power and resources to communities, and trust in the resilience of the community of life. We have already altered the world, and it will never be the same again. But if we take action to stop the damage and employ the solutions, if we partner with nature and our great earth-healing allies, it can still be a beautiful, thriving, life-sustaining place for ourselves, for the life around us, and for future generations.
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Earth Activist Training: January 2014

How do we bring the skills and tools of ecological design and permaculture into the communities that most need them? That’s the question we ask ourselves at Earth Activist Training—then we do two basic things. First, we support organizations within those communities that are already working on issues of social, environmental and food justice, sharing resources and building relationships. Then, we go out and fundraise like hell to offer scholarships to our residential trainings to people from those communities.
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International Permaculture Convergence 11 in Cuba!

Cuba—in late November and early December I spent two weeks there to attend the International Permaculture Conference and Convergence and participate in the related tours...Some of the highlights: hearing from the Cubans how they survived the ‘Special Period” after the Soviet Union fell by growing food in and around their cities and shifting to organic agriculture.
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On Not Lighting a Solstice Bonfire

So tonight I embrace the cold. Call it in—cold is what we need, to cool the overheated earth, to bring back the rains. I offer up the fire, to the snowy plover, to all the endangered species, to everything and everyone whose simple birthrights are stolen. Let this be the Solstice magic. Tides turn. Miracles happen. Out of darkness, light is born.
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Permaculture in Palestine

In the afternoon, we walk down through the village to the permaculture demonstration farm Murad has established...I tell the group what I see in at the farm—the diversity of trees and food plants, designed so that if one crop doesn’t do well others will fill in. The many levels of planting, from the upper-story trees to the smaller bushes, the low annuals and perennials, the ground covers—a classic forest garden.
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The Fifth Sacred Thing Movie: Update and New Video

The Fifth Sacred Thing team has created a new video: or (There's a close-captioned version there!)
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Permaculture in Palestine

The olives are flowering on my land in California right now, just as they are in the olive groves of Palestine. In a few weeks I’ll be heading there to coteach a permaculture course at the Marda Permaculture Farm on the West Bank, together with Klaudia van Gool from England and Murad Al-Khufash, who runs the demonstration farm and who is bringing the tools and insights of permaculture to Palestine...we need to raise five thousand dollars to support the costs of the course and to make it available for Palestinians who suffer many economic privations under the Occupation. Donate online here:
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January 2013 Earth Activist Training in Pictures!

I’ve been wanting to write about our Earth Activist Training but made the mistake of actually taking a few days off, afterwards— But here's pictures! It was an amazing training—our most diverse yet, because we had a little money left over from a grant, so I decided to offer diversity scholarships to people of color who are working on environmental and food justice.
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